Video of Police assault viral on social media, claimed to be from Karnataka: True Facts

A video clip of group of policemen assaulting an individual is being circulated on WhatsApp in the context of present lockdown in Karnataka. In the video a female voice claiming to be Padma Harish (unknown) is heard blaming the police force in filthy words and instigating the people to retaliate and attack the police.

Screenshots of Video

Upon detailed verification, it is found out that this video is of an incident that occurred in Mumbra, near Mumbai, of Maharashtra State last year and is neither related to Karnataka police nor to the current lockdown in Karnataka.

The video dating back to April 3, 2020, is from Vasai in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mumbai Mirror has reported the incident in detail which can be accessed here:

Tweet link of TOI Plus

Same video shot from a different angle.

This video has also been shared in two different Facebook pages during the same time period (13 April 2020).

Screenshots and links are as below:

This video is neither pertaining to Karnataka State Police nor connected in any way to the current Covid lockdown imposed in Karnataka State. This is a fake video created using Kannada voice-over by the self-claimed Padma Harish with malicious intention to defame and demoralize the Karnataka State Police and to mislead the common public.

Karnataka Police is contemplating legal action against the said person Padma Harsih for causing ill will against police and instigating public to attack based on false narrative.

Hence it is requested not to share any unconfirmed videos about the corona and Police Department and its related matters without proper verification with the concerned authorities.

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