Video of killing of a man claimed to be in Bengaluru: True facts.

A video clip of a scene where a man is being killed by smashing the head by three persons below a flyover is being circulated in social media.  It is claimed that this incident has taken place underneath the Electronic City flyover in Bengaluru city.

On verification, the following are the details,

Screenshots of the video footage being shared.

  1. The bridge seen in the video is not of Electronic City of Bangalore. as evident from the vehicles and their registration number plates in the video.

Actual Pictures of Bangalore Electronic City flyover.

The differences between the flyover in the video and the Electronic City flyover are

  1. The pillars are different in height and width.
  2. Electronic City has two flyovers. One is for regular vehicular movement and another for the Metro Train.
  3. The Electronic City flyover pillars are painted with ivory color and triangular shapes.
  4. Under the flyover, Steel grillwork is done in electronic city pillars. 

Further, on verification, it is revealed that the alleged incident has actually taken place in Rajendranagar police station limits of Cyberabad Metropolitan police, Telangana on 11 Jan 2021

Hence the claim that this incident has taken place in Bengaluru city is completely false and baseless.

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