Video clip claiming muslims chasing Hindus in Hubbali:True Facts

A  video clip of Muslims chasing Hindus who are getting down from a vehicle in front of a mosque is being circulated on various social media platforms with a claim that this has happened in front of a mosque at Hubbali in connection with the ongoing “Azaan Controversy”.

Video screenshots are given below:

On verification, by the Karnataka state police Factcheck team, this claim is found to be far from the truth.

The fact check team has discovered that this video was shot during a protest in Bangladesh. and does not relate to India. No such incident has come to light in Hubbali or anywhere in Karnataka in recent times.


The video is not related to the current controversies related to Azaan. Some miscreants are maliciously manipulating and circulating false content on social media.

The public is advised not to circulate such unverified/suspicious & misleading information on Social media platforms.

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