Unofficial Facebook Group “Bengaluru City Police”

A Facebook Group with more than 20,000 members is found as named Bengaluru City Police. This is not an official Facebook Group from BCP.

Unofficial Content Information:

Below Facebook Group is found with name Bengaluru City Police.


The Facebook Group is not from Bengaluru City Police. We request everyone on social media to refrain from using Administrative or Police or other Department names for social media groups or pages. A general practice followed is to prefix the group/page names with words like Unofficial/Fan/Well Wishers etc.


  1. Sir
    We want to apply permission to go to Chennai.
    I am.having bicuspid valve heart problem on14.3.2020 for giddiness and high No problem
    I am having regular check up at Nanganalur, Chennai 600061 hospitals.Due to lockdown I am unable to proceed Chennai with my family.
    I am aged 65 wife she 60.
    I am residing at Chinnappanahalli.
    Could you help me.

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