TV news clipping claiming death of a person in police lathi charge at Shiralakoppa: True Facts

A video clip of Btv news channel is found being circulated on various Social media platforms with a claim that a person has died due to police lathi charge in Shiralakoppa, Shikaripura taluk Shivamogga District while enforcing the current Lockdown in karnataka on 10/05/2021.

Screen shots of the Video

On verification, it is found that this is a video clip that was telecast by BTV in March last year 2020. Some miscreants seem to have downloaded the old video and circulating it now projecting as if the incident has happened now.

Even this death of the person shown in the video that happened last year was also not due to police lathi charge but due to natural reasons as ascertained by Shivamogga police.

BTV has also issued clarification on their Facebook page saying that this is a old news clipping telecasted last year and is not related to the present lockdown.


On fact check, it is found that the video being circulated is not contextually related to the current lockdown. No such incident or death has occured in police lathicharge at Shiralkoppa Shivamogga district.

Hence it is requested not to share any unconfirmed videos about the corona and Police Department and its related matters without proper verification with the concerned authorities.

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