Suspicious Message In Circulation Saying Various Zones in Bengaluru Will Be Sealed

Images and videos are in circulation on social media falsely informing about various new covid-19 cases in Bengaluru East, South, West and other locations and suspiciously sharing false information about BBMP’s plan to seal down zones in Bengaluru.

Suspicious Content Information:

Below post has been found as circulating on social media

18 Covid-19 cases in Bengaluru East
11 Covid-19 cases in Bengaluru South
4 Covid-19 cases in Bengaluru West

8 from Mahadevapura
6 from Bomanahalli


As of now, due to fresh cases and to contain spread of Covid-19 a seal down was ordered ONLY in Ward 134 Bapuji Nagar and Ward 135 Padarayanapura. There is no reason found, as of now, to seal any other locations in Bengaluru.

We urge TV news channels to report facts and not speculate.

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Apr 10, 2020

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