No, PUC English and SSLC Students Won’t Pass Without Exams

A picture of a news media is found in circulation with unfactual and and misleading content

Misleading Content Information:

Below image has been found as circulating on social media


This is not true. We have verified this with the Education Department. The news media has also acknowledged the error.


  1. Is there a public acknowledgement in their channel or printed Media the news media acknowledges the error ? Can we see it ?

    Please curb the Press ‘freedom to lie’ and act strictly. It is wasting Public time and money in handling the resulting effects of these.

  2. Please take action on misleading TV channels…

    Dear sirs and mama,
    Thank you very much for your great ultimate efforts in controlling the pandemic. I wish and pray for good health and wellness for entire Police department.

  3. Plz take proper action on these misleading medias because of this students take an advantage and they agree this as true.

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