No it’s Untrue that SP of Chamarajnagar Had Put Pressure on Temple Priest to Place Photo of Jesus in the Temple

An mischevious image and related tweets and news has been found in circulation claiming that the SP of Chamarajnagar has put pressure on the priest at Kollegal to place a picture of Jesus in the temple.

Circulating Content Information:

Below details have been found as circulating on social media


This is NOT TRUE.

This is found to be factually incorrect and mischievous tweet.

The true facts as verified from local police authorities and independent local eyewitnesses are that On 05/08/2020, the SP of Chamrajnagar district who has taken charge of the district recently was on rounds in Kollegal Taluk for flood related arrangements. The devotees of Veeranjaneya Temple Kollegal town requested the SP to visit the temple. The temple is frequently visited by devotees of different faith. On realizing that the new SP is from a different faith the priest after completing the puja rituals gifted her a photo of Jesus Christ along with photos of hindu deities also.

The SP has not forced the priest or the devotees to offer archana for Jesus Christ nor did she carry any photos on her person to the temple.

The photos of the incident has been misinterpreted and is being circulated in social media with incorrect information. The priest of the temple also has issued a clarification in this regard through a video.

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