News about – A person got killed for not speaking Urdu in a Muslim area: True Facts.

A video clip is being circulated on social media indicating that a person has been killed in Muslim area for not speaking in Urdu in J.J Nagar Bengaluru city.

The video screenshots are as below

This post which later got deleted has been shared widely in social media by different handles.

However, it is totally a false allegation and the said murder has not taken place due to the person not knowing the Urdu language as alleged in the post. The murder that took place on the night of 05/04/2022 is purely due to ‘road rage’.

Commissioner of Police Bengaluru city has already issued a clarification in this regard as can be seen below.
Source: –

After verifying the veracity of the fact and realizing the news being circulated is fake news, it is requested that such fake news should not be shared on social media without proper verification. And also, it is warned that the appropriate legal action will be taken against those who deliberately spread such fake news to disturb social harmony.

Hence it is requested not to share any kind of unauthenticated videos, photos, and writings without proper verification from the appropriate authorities.

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