Muslim youth attacked with sword by man returning after watching ‘Kashmiri Files’ : True facts

This news story about an18-year-old Muslim youth being attacked with sword by a man after watching Kashmiri Files movie in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka has gone viral on social media and has been shared widely by various handles.

However this story is found to be completely false and mischievous.

True facts as verified by the Karnataka State Police Fact check team indicate that

the accused (Honnappa Bovi, 30 yrs.) and victim (Amanulla Irfan 18 yrs) are neighbours. As the victim was constantly abusing the mother of accused, he has assaulted the victim Infront of his house with a pocket knife. The accused is secured, thoroughly interrogated and his confession reveals the same. He is sent to judicial custody. It is nowhere related to Kashmir files movie nor is communally triggered.
Victim is out of danger.

Further FIR is registered regarding the incident in Haliyal PS Cr. No 59/2022 u/s 324, 307, 504 IPC


Though the incident of assault is true, the motive for the same is not Kashmiri Files movie as alleged. It has happened purely due to personal reasons. However the incident has been twisted to depict as if it is hate crime.

Action is being initiated against the news portal for publishing such false baseless story without proper verification.

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