It’s Not True that Mangalore Hospital Staff and Patients Are Quarantined as Batkal Patient Avails Treatment

A social media post has been found in circulation claiming that in Batkal a Hospital staff and it’s patients are all quarantined as a patient availed treatment.

Circulating Content Information:

Below image has been found as circulating on social media


This story is not true.

A lady from Madina Colony in Bhatkal, accidentally broke her arm on Sunday. She was later admitted in Mangalore at Tejaswini hospital. The samples of her and those who accompanied were taken and sent for testing. However the test was negative and hence they were discharged from the hospital.

This is as verified with Dy.S.P. Mr.Goutham.K.C from Bhatkal and Tejaswini hospital, they confirmed it is not true. 

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