Is it true that doctors hit on the head of an elderly Covid patient in Sirsi hospital?: Fact check report

A video clip is being circulated on Social media platforms, where an allegation has been made on Sirsi Government Hospital (Uttara Kannada Dist) Doctors about killing of an elderly covid patient in hospital by hitting on the head. It is claimed in the background voice in Kannada language that “My father was killed by hitting on the head. See blood in this kit. If corona is the reason for death, how come blood in the head? ” The video seems to have been recorded during cremation ceremony of the deceased.

Screenshots of the video:

True Facts:

On verification it is found that the death of the indivisual has actally occured in the Sirsi General Hospital. But it is not due to any assault as alleged in the video. Sirsi General Hospital has already issued clarification in this regard which is reproduced below.

The Sirsi Pandit General Hospital’s Medical officer, Dr Gajanan Bhatt, said, to the media and other sources “The doctor has not shot anyone and bleeding from his head is not for that reason. The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon (27/04/2021). I was not in the hospital at that time. But other doctors assigned to treat Covid patients were there. This elderly person belonging to Aminalli village of Sirsi Taluk, aged about 70-72 years, when arrived at fever clinic, was at 70% saturation level. His Rapid Antigen Test confirmed covid infection. He was later admitted in the hospital ward”.

“Remdesivir & Oxygen was administered to the patient. Besides, Covid infected people are given a Heparin injection, for removing blood clots in the lungs. After getting the injection, he has gone to the toilet to urinate. At this juncture, he collapsed. The staff on duty immediately picked him up and tried to give him vitality. But, he did not survive. Accordingly it was treated as Covid death and body handed over to the deceased family. However there was a small wound in the head when the deceased elderly person fell down while urinating. While carrying the body in the ambulance, due to Heparin effect blood flowed from the head and there is no other reason for the same. Heparin injection lasts up to 6 hours. However, his death was not from the injury. He was already affected by Covid and succumbed to the infection in the hospital”.

The same news is also published in the StateNews Express news portal. Please refer for more details here:-


On fact check, it is found that the video is made by family members of the deceased person, without knowing the actual cause for the incident and subsequently it became viral on social media.

Hence it is requested not to share any unconfirmed videos about Corona and its related matters without proper verification with the concerned authorities.

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