Home Minister instructions to disband collection of spot fines for traffic violators Across the state: True Facts

Screenshots of the Clippings and News articles

A Video clip of news aired on a TV channel is being circulated on various Social media platforms with a claim that the new Home Minister has instructed the Police department to discontinue collection of all spot fines for traffic violations across the state including Bengaluru city. The video in circulation also mentions that Bengaluru city Traffic police has already withdrawn all the PDAs issued to them on the instructions of Jt CP (Traffic) Bengaluru city. The same news has also been carried in some newspapers dated 10/08/2021.

However on verification, it is found that this video and the related news are incorrect and carried due to misinterpretation of Home minister statement made on 09/08/2021 after conducting meeting of all senior Police officers where in he had mentioned that he doesn’t want any zero traffic arrangements for is movement in the city and elsewhere in the state. This seems to have been wrongly interpreted in certain media channels as above.

Bangalore City Traffic police has also issued a clarification denying all rumours of withdrawal of PDAs from field traffic officers. (Press clipping as below)

On fact check, it is found that the videos amd news items being circulated are not authentic. There are NO such relaxations and permissions granted by the Home minister or Police or government authorities. People are advised to follow proper traffic rules and stay safe. here confirmed to everyone traffic rules are not infringed.

People are requested not to share any such unconfirmed videos and news without proper verification with the concerned authorities.

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