Attack on Peopletree Hospital Bengaluru : True facts.

A video clip of a Hospital showing hospital staff being attacked and blood splattered on the corridors of the hospital is being circulated on social media.  It is claimed that this incident took place at Peopletree Hospital in Yeshwanthpur Bengaluru city.

Here are the Screen shots of the videos in circulation:

People circulating these videos are also seen forwarding comments like:

    People are desperate for beds and are likely to indulge in assault, theft, and Riots if the situation deteriorates and Hospitals in spite of working overtime with the limited resources are likely to be attacked.
    If the Hospital staff and Healthcare workers feel threatened and demoralized and do not get the protection they need, the whole system will collapse.
  2. The time has come for us to take a serious view of both the media and the mafia.
    How can the media send such information without ascertaining facts?
    I think we should file FIR against both. PHANA should announce if any hospitals are attacked, they will stop working.
    Let the people decide. Why should we have suffered the risk of CoVid as well as such mobs?

However the True Facts about the Video are:

1. This Incident is not linked to Peopletree hospital yeshwanthpura Bangalore City.

2. This incident is reported at Delhi’s Apollo Hospital in Sarita Vihar where Hospital staff and doctors were attacked by relatives of a COVID-19 patient, for the reason no ICU bed available for the patient, who later passed away.
This news is already published on The Hindu News portal.

3. Further, Bangalore city police has also tweeted refuting that the incident took place in Bengaluru city.

Hence it is clarified that the incident is not associated with Peopletree Hospital of Yeshwanthpura Bengaluru city. However some miscreants are trying to spread misinformation by circulating these videos with false narrative unnecessarily to create panic and confusion in the minds of the people.

Police are investigating the matter to identify and take action on such culprits. Also people are requested to clarify with appropriate authorities before forwarding any such make believe claims they receive on various social media platforms.

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