Facts behind suspected news under circulation: sowing seed packets sent from China contain disease-causing viruses and deadly ingredients

    For the past some days, newspapers have been publishing under the headings " China's Seed Terrorism", "Virus spreading from China",  "Door delivery of sowing seeds?:complain before purchasing". Below are the clippings of such news articles published in the daily newspapers.
    Such news that China has been sending infectious viruses and other deadly ingredients in seed packets has been published in daily newspapers, including Vijayavani. Also, rumours that agricultural land is likely to turn into barren land due to the lethal ingredients in the seed is  getting circulated among farmers and farming community, creating an environment of fear and confusion.

So far, no sowing seeds have been imported from China, and no such cases of sowing seeds have been reported. Farmers should not fall prey to any such rumors, the Agriculture Department officials has clarified.

    Further, Smt. Devika R, Joint Director of Agriculture, has informed that no one should buy anonymous or unlabeled seeds, and to inform of any such sale to the agriculture authorities or the police department.

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