Fact Check on the agreement between Reliance Retail Limited and farmers of sindhanur to procure 1000 quintals of paddy.

Several requests have been received at KSP Fact check portal to verify the authenticity of the matter in the post being circulated on social media. (Image as given below)

Upon enquiring, following information has been gathered.

On behalf of 1,100 farmers, who are shareholders of swasthya farmers producer company limited, an agreement has been signed to sell about 1,000 tonnes of paddy (Sona Masoori rice variety) to Reliance Retail at Rs 1,950 per quintal (100 kg), which is Rs 100 above the MSP of Rs 1,850 per quintal.

 Reliance Retail Limited has purchased 1,000 quintals of paddy at 1950 Rs per quintal and paid 19,50,000 Rs via online bank transfer to swasthya farmers producer company limited. The draft purchase order has been put here for Reference.

Hence the claim as in the post being circulated is found to be true and based on facts.

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