‘Covid positive’ woman in Bengaluru goes missing after ambulance picks her up -Facts


The incident reported in the news and print media that a covid tested lady by BBMP was missing when taken by ambulance team is false and far from the truth.
Fact-check team verified with the Bommanalli Police station where the incident was reported.
The facts are that The Incident happened on 04-09-2020 and on the same day a complaint was made at Bommanalli Police Station Bangalore city.
The police investigated the event and found that the complainant and his wife had a dispute and his wife had planned the exit from the house with assistance of her friend and later on 08-09-2020 a call from the missing lady landed on the phone of investigating officer which was recorded. The voice was identified by her husband & complainant and was that of his missing wife. The missing lady said she was safe and would sort out the matter with her husband. Hence neither is it connected to BBMP nor to covid testing. The twist given to the story is misleading and mischievous.

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