Bird Flu Panic in Mangaluru

On January 5, More than six crows were found dead mysteriously near Manjanady village in Mangaluru taluq which has been widely circulated in the media this created a state of panic in the minds of public.

Local officials including panchayath development officers and village accountants visited the spot and intimated about the same to the veterinarian and assistant commissioner.

Accordingly, Samples were collected and sent to the Institute of Animal Health in Hebbal, Bangalore to ascertain the cause for the death of the birds.

The lab reports have now been obtained which revealed that none of the crows have died due to bird flu. (Avian influenza)
        The Karnataka health minister had urged people not to panic in the matter and advised people to cook their meats properly before consuming it as matter of abundant caution.

The samples have tested negative for bird flu (Avian influenza).

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